Medical Image Watermarking

Medical Image Watermarking

Techniques and Applications
Multimedia Systems and Applications

von: Amit Kumar Singh, Basant Kumar, Ghanshyam Singh, Anand Mohan

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Verlag: Springer
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 11.08.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9783319576992
Sprache: englisch

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This book presents medical image watermarking techniques and algorithms for telemedicine and other emerging applications. This book emphasizes on medical image watermarking to ensure the authenticity of transmitted medical information. It begins with an introduction of digital watermarking, important characteristics, novel applications, different watermarking attacks and standard benchmark tools. This book also covers  spatial and transform domain medical image watermarking techniques and their merits and limitations. The authors have developed improved/novel watermarking techniques for telemedicine applications that offer higher robustness, better perceptual quality and increased embedding capacity and secure watermark. The suggested methods may find potential applications in the prevention of patient identity theft and health data management issues which is a growing concern in telemedicine applications. This book provides a sound platform for understanding the medical image watermarking paradigm for researchers in the field and advanced-level students. Industry professionals working in this field, as well as other emerging applications demanding robust and secure watermarking will find this book useful as a reference.
Preface.- List of Figures .- List of Tables .- List of Abbreviations.- Table of Contents .- Chapter 1: Digital image watermarking: concepts and applications.- Chapter 2: Medical image watermarking techniques: a technical survey and potential challenges.- Chapter 3: Analytical study and performance evaluation of medical image watermarking techniques.- Chapter 4: Robust and imperceptible hybrid watermarking techniques for medical images.- Chapter 5: Robust and secure multiple watermarking for medical images.- Chapter 6: Secure Spread Spectrum based multiple watermarking technique for medical images.- Chapter 7: Robust and secure multiple watermarking technique for application in tele-ophthalmology.- Chapter 8: Secure multiple watermarking technique using neural networks.- Chapter 9: Securing patient data through multiple watermarking and selective encryption.- Chapter 10: State-of-the-art techniques of image watermarking: new trends and future challenges.
Provides a comprehensive review of medical image watermarking techniques in spatial and transform domain Discusses the major performance parameters of watermarking techniques and presents a brief overview of different types of possible watermarking attacks and benchmark tools for medical image watermarking Describes a robust and secure hybrid multiple watermarking technique for medical images and addresses the issue of channel noise distortions leading to faulty watermark that may also result into inappropriate disease diagnosis in telemedicine environment Presents a secure spread-spectrum based multiple watermarking technique to prevent medical identity theft and health data management issuesCovers multiple watermarking techniques using cover eye image for secure and compact medical data transmission for tele-ophthalmology applications Presents a hybrid robust and secure watermarking technique using neural networks and/or selective encryption or both Covers watermarking for medical, 3D model watermarking, watermarking in cloud computing and multi-cores environment, biometric watermarking, watermarking using mobile devise and securing online social networks contents

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