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A Creative Use of Constellations in Individual Therapy, Counselling, Groups and Self-Help
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von: Eva Madelung, Barbara Innecken

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Verlag: Carl-Auer Verlag GmbH
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.06.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783849781149
Sprache: englisch
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Neuro-imaginative gestalting (NIG) is a systemic method, developed for individual therapy by Eva Madelung, that can be used in counselling, self-help and group work. The novel integration of techniques from art therapy into the systemic process encourages therapeutic creativity and individual self-exploration. In a practical section, Barbara Innecken describes the therapeutic aspects of the method and uses case studies to elaborate her points. This material can be applied immediately by the experienced systemic therapist, but therapists-in-training and those of other theoretical orientations will find step-by-step instructions for practical use in individual therapy. Instructions for self-help complement the presentation. In the theoretical section of the book, points of contact and possibilities for mutual exchange and enrichment from constructivist oriented methods, such as NLP, De Shazer short-term therapy and Heidelberger family therapy, as well as the phenomenological-oriented family constellation therapy of Bert Hellinger, are described. In short, the book combines proven therapeutic practice with extensive theoretical background and contributes to the integration of family constellation therapy within other therapeutic methods.
Eva Madelung, Ph. D. After completing her studies in German literature and philosophy, Eva Madelung trained in primary therapy, body therapy, hypnosis, NLP, De Shazer short-term therapy, and systemic psychotherapy according to Bert Hellinger. Since 1975 she has been in private practice in Munich and leads workshops in Germany and abroad.

Barbara Innecken, formerly an elementary and middle school teacher and speech therapist, received her training in applied kinesiology, psychokinesiology according to Klinghardt, family constellation according to Bert Hellinger, NLP, and NIG. Since 1994 she has a private practice as a therapist for speech therapy and psychotherapy near Munich (Germany), in which she specializes in kinesiology and systemic therapy. She conducts seminars and workshops and is the author of a book about kinesiology for children.

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